1) Q: What is my poster size?
A: Poster size: A1.

2)  Q: What is the format for poster?
A: There is no specific format.

3)  Q: What is the language I can use to write my product abstract?
A: The language should be in English and Malay.

4) Q: What is the length of the product description?
A: The product decription should not exceed 300 words.

5) Q: What is the booth size?
A:  2 meter X 2 meter

6) Q: What are the things that will be provided for the booth?
A : Needle punch carpet, 1 unit table, 2 unit folding chairs, 1 unit power point, 1 unit fluorescent light, 1 unit waste basket and 1 unit fascia name

7) Q : What are the items to be included in a single participation fee?
A : A single participation fee will include the following item: booth rental, meals, abstract book, name tag and goodies bag for one person only.

8) Q : What are the items to be excluded from the fee?
A : Transportation, accommodation, and items mentioned in Question 7 for extra group members.
Kindly contact i_inova16@usim.edu.my for assistance.

9) Q : How to make payment for participation fee?

A : List of Payment Method/Channel :
1) MyPayment (Direct Debit and Credit card)
2) Online Transfer (in case of MyPayment System cannot be accessed) to USIM Bank Islam 05058010008884.
3) Cheque paid to “BENDAHARI USIM”.
4) Electronic Fund Transfer From The Agency Account (using PO/LO/Guarantee Letter) to USIM Bank Islam 05058010008884.
5) Telegraphic Transfer (overseas payment) :

Beneficiary Name : Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)
USIM A/C No. : 05058010008884
Beneficiary Bank : Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB) Bandar Baru Nilai
Branch Code : 4005058
Swift Code : BIMBMYKL
Branch Address : Ground Floor, PT7183 & PT7184, Jalan BBN 1/2E, Bandar Baru Nilai, 71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, MALAYSIA

6) Payment through Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) and Automated Teller machine (ATM) transfer is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED as the payment may not be detected for future reference.
7) For internal fund transfer (within USIM), the payment must be made through VOTE transfer from PTj or research grant from RMC.


10) Q : Is cash payment accepted during exposition?
A : Strictly NO CASH PAYMENT during any university event as decided by USIM Management.

11) Q : Can I get USIM receipt during the exposition?
A : It depends on the payment method. For MyPayment method, USIM receipt will be automatically generated from the system upon successful payment.
For other payment method, the receipt will be posted upon request. Cash Receipt will not be used during the exposition.

12) Q : What document should I bring for payment purpose?
A : Proof of participation payment (original LO or PO and other payment receipts).

13) Q : Is it possible to purchase extra medals, participation and  winning certificates? (Group member for more than 1 person)
A : After the closing ceremony, group representative may go to the counter to give the order form together with proof of payment to the organizer.

14) Q : How to pay for additional certificates and medals?
A : Online counters will be opened for payment purpose. To avoid long queue, you can pay via online transfer using your own device or you may order first, and we will deliver to the registered address once proof of payment received. Strictly NO CASH PAYMENT.

15) Q : For the winning team, how do they get the cash prize?
A : The organizer will make a direct transfer to your bank account (reason of bank account confirmation needed) latest by 2 weeks from the exposition date. Make sure the group representative to fill in the winner form at the counter after the closing ceremony otherwise the cash prize payment will be delayed.